Sabrina Mayer-Mai


5 good reasons why the VSM® vacuum system is the perfect solution for your cheese ripening business

1   Guaranteed wrinkle-free weld seam With bi-active impulse welding for optimum results even with wet film   2   Ideal ripening conditions Thanks to constant film thickness on the entire product and gentle vacuum for consistent maturing and hole formation without holes on the edge of the product   3   Optimum shape retention For easy handling and “sharp” corners in square formats for less […]

VSM® – more than just packaging

VSM® – more than just packaging For more than 50 years, the MBM innovations GmbH is a manufacturer for semi- and fully automatic vacuum packaging machines with the VSM® system. Over the last decades, not only the packaging machines have developed but also the portfolio of products and services has broadened to offer our customers complete solutions from one source. Everything under one […]