Here, you can gain an overview of some of our mechanical engineering and contract manufacturing customers as well as our system partners.

Mechanical Engineering

Our VSM® machines have made us competent and high-performing partners for our customers, both nationally and internationally. Here you will find a selection of our customers:



Contract Manufacturing

In our local region, we are partners to successful companies and consistently produce their demanding orders with great satisfaction. Here you will find a selection of our customers:

System Partners

When it comes to our packaging machines, we rely on strong partners for packaging material:

SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co.KG

MBM innovations GmbH and SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co.KG have developed, during a long-term partnership, the perfect packaging system for maturing cheese blocks. The SÜDPACK cheese maturing bags have been designed specifically for optimum use with the VSM® machines and can be adapted precisely to the requirements of the customers thanks to adjustable barriers.


With its innovative Pack-Age® membrane, DSM offers package material for naturally ripening cheese. Pack-Age® allows the cheese to ripen naturally- without risk of mould and yeast growth. Further, it eliminates the crust removal process and therefore helps to decrease cheese loss.