Products & Solutions

Products & Solutions

Our product range covers a selection of fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines with the VSM® system, as well as vacuum testers developed specifically for use with our machines.

Tried and tested technology, high level of flexibility

The various standard models of the VSM® range offer solutions for a variety of packaging requirements in accordance with individual product characteristics and thus cover a wide spectrum of applications.

In addition, individual adaptations and the development of special versions enable you to find the perfect solution for requirements of our customers!


Fully Automatic Solutions

  • VSM® 6000-R

    The new generation of VSM® systems:

    The VSM®6000-R is the power package for automatic packaging and vacuum sealing on a large scale.

    Fully automatic bagging and vacuum packing

    3 fully automatic vacuum stations

    Standard cycle performance for Euroblock: 14 / minute

  • VSM® 5005-R

    Perfection in service and performance:

    The VSM®5005/4005-R is the high-performing professional machine for fully automatic packaging of large capacities.

    Fully automatic bagging and vacuum packing
    2 fully automatic vacuum stations
    Standard cycle performance for Euroblock: 10 / minute

  • VSM® 3005-R

    Concentrated competence and performance strength:

    The VSM®3005/4005-R is the efficient and high-performing solution for fully automatic packaging.

    Fully automatic bagging and vacuum packing
    1 fully automatic vacuum station
    Standard cycle performance for Euroblock: 5 / minute

Semi-Automatic Solutions

  • VSM® 1000-X

    High flexibility and performance strength:

    The flexible handling, combined with the tried and tested quality and performance of the VSM® system makes the VSM®1000-X the ideal partner when packaging smaller capacities.

    Manual bagging
    2 separately working vacuum stations

    vsm 1000-x for cheese maturing
  • VSM® 1205

    Best productivity combined with optimum use of space:

    The VSM®1205 is the all-rounder for small batches and extra-large products. The extra wide vacuum station with continuous welding bar enables the vacuum sealing of two individual products or one large product.

    Manual bagging
    Extra wide vacuum station

  • VSM® Bulky

    Best possible productivity with vertical vacuuming:

    The VSM® Bulky is the all-rounder for packaging loose containers or large products in small series. The extra wide vacuum station with continuous welding bar enables easy vacuuming and welding of extra-large containers.

    Manual bagging
    Vertical vacuum packaging from above

Leak Tester

  • VSM® LT100 / 200

    Safety when vacuuming, for a smooth process:

    The integration of a vacuum tester should not create a bottleneck within the production line; instead it should be simple and easy to incorporate it into the procedure. The VSM®LT100 has one test station and is coordinated perfectly for the output of the VSM®3005/4005-R. The VSM®LT200 has two test stations and is ideal for use with the increased output of a VSM®5005/4005-R. Potential-free contacts enable the vacuum tester to be integrated flexibly into the packaging line downstream of the packaging machine.

    Vacuum tester specially developed for VSM® systems

    Suitable for VSM®3005 (LT100) 5005 lines (LT200)

    Can be integrated flexibly

Our many years of expertise and competence combined with ever changing new market developments ensure the consistent optimisation and constant further development of the machine range.

From development through to manufacturing and after-sales-service, we offer high-quality complete solutions from a single source! And we are happy to take on the challenge of special requests or requirements. In our Case-Studies you will be able to acquaint yourself with our portfolio by way of a selection of special projects.

In order to discover how your product can best be packaged, simply contact us directly! We will be happy to inform you and find the optimum packaging solution for you!