Case Studies & Concepts

Case Studies & Concepts

We love challenges

Not every customer has a product that can be handled with off-the-rack solutions. We try to find the right solution for every challenge with the help of creative ideas and a new perspective simply by thinking outside the box.

Here, we demonstrate a few of the special concepts and solutions in the VSM® packaging machines and special mechanical engineering sector that we have developed for our customers.

VSM® Mink2600

innovative packaging of mink

packaging mink skins
The customer The furs industry, Denmark
The challenge

Packaging of mink furs for space-saving transportation to Asia and thus the associated reduction in CO2 emissions per fur.

The solution

The development and design of a concept for innovative portioning and packaging line for the packaging of mink fur units with varying sizes.

The developed solution, VSM®Mink2600, has been registered for patent.

VSM® 2000-X

semi-automatic solution for different product sizes

packaging and evacuating cheese batches in different size
The customer The cheese-making industry,
Spain & Eastern Europe
The challenge

The cheese batches are not large enough for a fully automatic solution, but a partial automation is sensible and desired. The size of the products to be packaged varies considerably.

The solution

Development of the VSM®2000-X with manually or pneumatically supported bagging of fully automatic evacuation and welding.


fully automatic solution for different product sizes

different product sizes cheese packaging
The customer The cheese-making industry, Norway
The challenge

Packaging of three different cheese sizes: 20 kg, 10 kg and 5 kg large blocks are to be packed in different batches using a single machine.

The solution

Adaptation of the system and the development of a quick adjustment tool that enables the machine to be quickly adapted to the appropriate cheese size for the batch, based on machine type VSM®3005.

Semi-Automatic VSM®3000

Packaging of cheese in slim roll-format

cheese bars vacuum packaging
The customer The cheese-making industry,
Poland & Estonia
The challenge

Packaging of cheese in a very slim and long format (“salami cheese”) with extra-long and narrow bags.

The solution

Modification and adaptation of the vacuum packaging system for very long and at the same time, very slim product units.

VSM® Bulky XL

VSM® Bulky goes XL: evacuation of onion barrels

vacuum packaging onions in brine
The customer The food industry
The challenge

Evacuation of onions in brine, filled bags in barrels.

Evacuation sealing from above.

The solution

Modification of the VSM® Bulky for the efficient evacuation and reliable welding despite the high level of moisture in the container.

Washing System for Cheese Racks

washing system for cleaning cheese racks
The customer The cheese-making industry, Estonia
The challenge

Washing system required for cheese racks to ensure optimised hygiene standards in the dairy.

The solution

Development and design of a concept for compact cheese rack washing system with documentation, in accordance with specifications and currently hygiene standards.