Maturing Cheese

Maturing Cheese

The company has grown with packaging machines for maturing cheese in the EURO block format, and even today, the cheese maturing market is one of our key spheres of influence.

The production of a good cheese is just as demanding as the development of a packaging solution that does this high quality product justice.

In doing so, the quality of maturity, the form durability, the influence of the product structure and the reliability of the vacuum all play essential roles. At the end of the day, coordinating all of these factors perfectly is the key way to obtain a well-flavoured and high-quality food product.

Cheeses which form holes, such as Emmental or Tilsiter, profit especially from our system. But many other types of cheese also mature to their best quality with the VSM® system.

When vacuum packaging cheese for maturity, the VSM® system uses four principles. This concept results in a top-quality product.

Optimum stability of shape with "straight corners" Wrinkle-free welding seam Simple pallet-stacking and handling Few cheese off-cuts
Optimum maturing conditions without edge holes Consistent film thickness Safe storage in maturing boxes Energy-saving & bi-active impulse welding
Vacuum for sensitive product structures is gentle on the product No heat shrinking required Long shelf-life Low kW consumption
Optional double-welding seam Simple to open using unpacking machinery Low compressed air consumption

Developed in the early 1970s, the VSM® vacuum system is incorporated in all our vacuum packaging machines. These are constantly being further optimised to provide our customers with the best possible packaging solutions.