We are not just mechanical engineers and system suppliers, we are also service providers. For this reason, we want to assist our customers, with all our knowledge and experience, when it comes to the selection, implementation and use of the VSM® machines.


We provide advice on site prior to your purchase in order to determine the best possible packaging solution for you. In doing so, we will take the available space into account along with your individual requirements and product specifications. We would be happy to personally inform you about our full consulting spectrum and services.

To find the right packaging solution you must know two fundamental things: You must know exactly what you need and you must know exactly what you are getting. For this reason, we take the time to work extensively with you on site to see which packaging solution is the right one to meet your needs and your products. In doing so, a wide range of factors play a role.

Alongside the design of the ideal packaging solutions, we also offer advice with regard to conveyor belts and conveying technologies upstream and downstream of your packaging system. We will also help you to determine and select additional accessories such as metal detectors.


After purchase, our service will continue to remain available for your inquiries. Starting with the delivery of spare parts, we also offer comprehensive service packages. Find out about which service is best suited to you and your VSM® system.

We are not just a supplier of systems; we are also a technical service provider. With our services, we are available to assist our customers professionally both, before and after their purchase.

Our service packages for download


Service Packages

Profit from our service packages with attractive conditions. Whether it is an individual order or an all-round package, speak to us today to find out about the best service solution for your system.

Intensive Schooling & Training

The correct use, operation and servicing of the machine is the be all and end all when it comes to smooth production. For this reason, we not only offer standard training sessions during the start up process, we also offer our customers the opportunity to carry out training on their own machines in-house before delivery or intensive training directly on site in their own production facilities.



Regular servicing and inspections are key when it comes to maintaining the high durability of your system. They will help to minimise downtimes and maintain a long life.

Spare Part Service

The quick and simple supply of spare parts is what really matters when things get critical. We will supply you, as quickly as possible, with spare parts, many of which are made in our own production facilities. Whether it be an individual part or a comprehensive package of spare parts.