MBM innovations GmbH is a family company headquartered in Augsburg. Our name stands for innovation and quality and we have 50 years of experience and competence in mechanical engineering to back us up. Now in the third generation, we are a family company that combines down-to-earth values with an innovative passion and modern business.

  • 1961

    Foundation of the company Sebastian Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH
    by Sebastian Mayer in Augsburg.
    The focus lies on special mechanical engineering and cutting activities.
  • 1971

    Development of the VSM® vacuum system
    by company founder Sebastian Mayer.
    VSM stands for Vakuumverpackungsmaschinen (packaging machines) Sebastian Mayer.
    With the construction of the first vacuum packaging machine with the VSM® system, the company starts to cooperate with system partners for packaging material, the company Südpack, in the market for packaging of and maturing of cheese.
  • 1986

    Construction of the first VSM® vacuum packaging machine with automatic bagging using bags out of a bag magazine.
  • 1996

    Bernd Mayer takes over the company from his father
    and continues to manage it, now alongside his wife, Ina Mayer.
  • 1997

    Construction of the first VSM® vacuum packaging machine
    with fully automatic bag feed with taped bags from a roll.
  • 2008

    The company moves into the newly built company building in Sheridan Park in Pfersee, Augsburg. At the same time, the company is converted to Bernd Mayer GmbH – Innovation im Maschinenbau.
  • 2013

    With Sabrina Mayer-Mai, the third generation now successfully enters
    the family business.
  • 2017

    The international orientation of the company continues to grow. As a result of this, Bernd Mayer GmbH – Innovation im Maschinenbau becomes MBM innovations GmbH.
    With the addition of Julia Mayer, the third generation of family succession is complete.
  • Today

    Development and construction of semi-automatic and fully automatic vacuum packaging machines with the VSM® system for customers on both national and international levels.
    When it comes to contract manufacturing, the company is known for its high quality and reliability. We are supplier to successful companies in the region.