Mechanical Engineering

We represent quality, innovation and competence when it comes to the development and construction of vacuum packaging machines with the VSM® system. The focus of our activities is constantly on the development of the best possible packaging solution for our customers around the world. We also offer services in the special mechanical engineering sector.

Contract Manufacturing

We specialise in component production, the manufacture of individual parts and small series. In doing so, we also produce your demanding orders in small batches as well as responding flexibly to your specialist requirements. In this way, we always find the right solution for the individual requirements of our customers and implement these conscientiously and on schedule.


VSM® System
One system, many options

The vacuum packaging machines with the VSM® system are your competent partner when it comes to high-quality and reliable packaging technology.

The evacuation process is implemented under atmospheric pressure directly inside the bag and results in a number of benefits with regard to product quality, product shape, vacuum safety, handling and resource efficiency.

Efficiently packaged & gentle on resources

  • Optimum product shape & gentle on sensitive product structures
  • Wrinkle-free welding seam with bi-active impulse welding
  • High energy efficiency & compact packaging material

Our VSM® Machines

Special versions & individual adaptation possible

The various standard models of the VSM® range offer solutions for a variety of packaging requirements in accordance with individual product characteristics and thus cover a wide spectrum of applications.

From the fully automatic solution for large capacities through to the manual machine for small batches, we offer various basis models designed to meet a variety of needs. In addition, individual adaptations and the development of special versions enable you to find the perfect packaging solution for your individual requirements!

Our Contract Manufacturing

We offer a wide spectrum of machining services, component manufacturing and the construction of specialist equipment.

Quality & precision

The highest possible quality and precision in the manufacturing of your order are of key importance to us. Whether it be milling, turning, grinding or honing, our modern machine park and competent employees will fulfil your order with experience and passion.

Flexibility is our strength

Individual item, small series or prototype? We are able to respond flexibly to your specific requirements and manufacture according to schedule and to your specifications. We are a reliable and competent partner for our customers. With knowledge and expertise we implement flexibly the most diverse of parts according to your requirements.



LengthmaxWidthmax / Diametermax
X 600 Y 550Z 400

CNC Milling

LengthmaxWidthmax / Diametermax
L 1000 mmW 400 mm
L 560 mmW 400 mm

Conventional Milling

LengthmaxWidthmax / Diametermax
L 800 mmW 300 mm

CNC Turning

LengthmaxWidthmax / Diametermax
L 1000 mmØ 200 mm

Conventional Turning

LengthmaxWidthmax / Diametermax
L 1000 mmØ 250 mm

Face Grinding

LengthmaxWidthmax / Diametermax
L 1000 mmW 400 mm

Round Grinding

LengthmaxWidthmax / Diametermax
L 2050 mmØ 400 mm
L 600 mmØ 200 mm


LengthmaxWidthmax / Diametermax
Ø 5 – 65 mm

Our References

Our VSM® machines have made us competent and high-performing partners for our customers, both nationally and internationally. Here you will find a selection of our customers:



In our local region, we are partners to successful companies and consistently produce their demanding orders to great satisfaction. Here you will find a selection of our customers:

When it comes to our packaging machines, we rely on strong partners for packaging material:

SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co.KG

MBM innovations GmbH and SÜDPACK Verpackungen GmbH & Co.KG have developed, during a long-term partnership, the perfect packaging system for maturing cheese blocks. The SÜDPACK cheese maturing bags have been designed specifically for optimum use with the VSM® machines and can be adapted precisely to the requirements of the customers thanks to adjustable barriers.


With its innovative Pack-Age® membrane, DSM offers package material for naturally ripening cheese. Pack-Age® allows the cheese to ripen naturally- without risk of mould and yeast growth. Further, it eliminates the crust removal process and therefore helps to decrease cheese loss.

Family tradition for more than 50 years

Experience, Innovation & Passion

For more than 50 years we have combined our passion for innovation with high-quality craftsmanship. As a family company, sustainable growth, long-term success and a passion for what we do are all very close to our hearts. We are particularly proud to develop constantly the ideas and visions of the company founder Sebastian Mayer and to continue this in the third generation. Our products are characterised by our considerable knowledge, technology and expertise, but also by a large dose of passion, something our customers prize highly.

„No man that does not see visions
will ever realise any high hope or
undertake any high enterprise.“
Thomas Woodrow Wilson

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