Pack pharmaceutical products better – for greater protection

Hygiene-optimised stainless steel design, maximum performance and outstanding packaging quality – when it comes to people’s health, we at MBM innovations leave nothing to chance.

As a proven partner to the pharmaceutical industry, we are already working with our clients to develop solutions to the challenges of tomorrow today. Our packaging machines are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of major B2B clients and cover a diverse range of potential applications.

Potential applications for our packaging solutions

  • Secure process and transport packaging for sterile and particularly sensitive products, like pharmaceutical primary packaging, infusion containers or bottles
  • Maturing and transport packaging for sensitive products, e.g. medical marijuana
  • Multi-layer packaging of single product on single machine for unpacking later during different clean room stages
  • Vacuum packaging for saving space when transporting larger batches, e.g. incontinence goods or textiles

With our semi-automatic, space-saving machines, smaller lots are particularly economic to pack without sacrificing efficiency. This product segment includes our innovative VSM® Bulky which has already become a bestseller. This compact all-rounder was designed specially for packing loose goods vertically (including straight into transport boxes or crates) and is setting new standards in more than just performance and operational safety. Our fully automatic solutions, on the other hand, are better suited to particularly demanding packing tasks. This includes multi-layer packaging for batches or high workflow with automatic batch bagging.

But no matter which solution our clients choose, the unique VSM® System guarantees a secure seal and wrinkle-free weld seam – both crucial factors when it comes to clean room quality, sterility and ultimately patient safety.

Naturally, all MBM innovations machines satisfy the high hygiene standards of the pharma industry. Thanks to tailor-made add-ons like conveyor belts, we can also boost the degree of automation and the productivity of your line even further.