Flexible all-round packaging for the B2B market

MBM packaging machines have a hygiene-optimised design that is ideal for packing all sorts of foodstuffs in bulk and large batches.
MBM innovations’ core market has historically been the cheese maturing segment – this is where we have our roots and the most comprehensive expertise. Our client base includes the biggest cheese manufacturers in Europe, as well as renowned companies in places like South America.

Potential applications for our packaging solutions

  • Maturing packaging for fillet steak and cheese
  • Transport packaging for onions in brine etc.
  • Atmosphere packaging for fresh fish, grated cheese and meat
  • Vacuum packaging for cured meats, vegetables, dried fruits or nuts

Our flexible all-rounders are indispensable helpers for large-scale gastronomy outfits and wholesale, and for the B2B market as a whole.

And our semi-automatic models can manage smaller quantities with ease. Thanks to their compact design, they can be used in almost any production environment. While if you need something for a higher workflow without sacrificing maximum hygiene and efficiency, then our fully automatic packaging machines are the perfect choice. Plus, with vertical models, like our VSM® Bulky, you can evacuate bags from above while they are in their transport boxes, E2 crates or containers, allowing you to package even extra-large hams, meats, sausages or fish easily and reliably.

But VSM® packaging systems deliver more than just high performance, they are also super economical. Investment costs are recouped fast, while our refined technology is low-maintenance and our robust machines are particularly durable. Their strength, however, is without a doubt their versatility – an advantage for the foodstuffs industry, in particular, where productivity is high, innovation cycles are short and the diversity of products (and therefore packaging) is almost infinite.

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