Tried-and-tested technology and innovative solutions for the cheese industry

We grew up with packaging machines for cheese maturing packaging and the cheese maturing market remains an important pillar of our success.

Manufacturing good cheese is a hugely demanding task and developing packaging solutions to match is equally challenging. The quality of the maturation, the stability of the cheese’s shape, the influence of the product structure and the reliability of the vacuum all play a crucial role. Getting all of these factors to work together in concert is essential for ending up with a great-tasting, high-quality cheese. As an established supplier of machines to national and international dairies, we have been successfully doing just that for over 50 years.

Cheeses like Emmentaler or Tilsiter, which develop eyes when maturing, benefit more than most from our system. There are plenty of other varieties of cheese that can also achieve the highest-quality maturation with our VSM® System.

For cheese maturing vacuum packaging, our VSM® System is built on four different pillars. A concept which ultimately produces a top-quality product.