One System, Two Solutions

Flexible, fully automatic solutions from MBM innovations for packaging a wide range of products in tubular bags or lay flat tubing are efficient, reliable and economical.
MBM clients can boost productivity in their packaging process with our robust power packages, while at the same time benefiting from improvements in hygiene thanks to a hygiene-optimised machine design and fully automated bagging and vacuuming. All models boast maximum performance and reliability that lasts, even with a high output and in the most challenging conditions. But their biggest asset is consistently high packing and seal quality, even across a wide range of different packaging materials. This is achieved thanks to the bi-active impulse welding and even works on thin or wet foils and recyclable mono-materials.
Just like any other MBM packaging machine, our tried-and-tested VSM® System ensures a secure seal and reliable seam welding. But no matter which MBM system you choose – you can rest easy knowing that you’re always getting the best possible protection for your packages and products along the entire process chain.

S Series