Leak-proofing for outstanding product protection. Nowadays, leak testers are an absolutely essential part of an efficient and demanding packing process. Our leak testers have been specially designed for our fully automatic VSM® systems and use a special rubber to check each individual package for leaks. Offending packages are identified immediately, removed from the production line and collected on a separate roller conveyor to guarantee that products with even the slightest defect don’t end up in downstream processes and ultimately with the consumer.

Inspired by the manual leak test method used by cheese-makers, our VSM® LT100 and LT200 leak testers are the perfect addition to VSM® System fully automatic vacuum packaging machines.

Leak-Proofing for Smooth Processes

While the VSM® LT100 with single test station is perfectly tailored to the output of our VSM® 3005 model, the VSM® LT200 with its two test stations is perfect for our higher-performance VSM® 5005 models. Thanks to its dry contacts, this leak tester can be flexibly integrated into your packaging process downstream from the packaging machine.

Both of these models can be integrated easily and flexibly into your packaging line and promise long-term reliability, even under maximum workload.