Wide range for all needs

Our product range includes a wide selection of fully and semi-automatic packaging machines, plus leak testers based on our unique VSM® technology, which has proven itself time and again. The different standard models in the VSM® range cover a wide range of packaging needs and applications.

The highly flexible VSM® packaging machines are suitable for safe and efficient vacuum or atmosphere packaging for anything from individual products to large crates. Products that are packaged using our machines range from foodstuffs like cheeses and cured or fresh meats to plant-based alternatives and loose products like nuts and dried fruits. But that’s not all: our machines can also be used to package industrial products, consumer goods and pharmaceutical items with ease. VSM® technology is a particularly good choice for products which are not suited to the high pressure of a vacuum chamber or the heat of a shrink tunnel because of their particular properties or their structure or which suffer a drop in quality after passing through these systems.

Clients of MBM can enjoy a number of benefits: in addition to ensuring a reliable seal and perfect weld, our main focus is on maintaining the shape of each individual product and process package. That’s because these factors are essential when it comes to packaging quality, product safety and handling.