In the 1970s, company founder Sebastian Mayer developed the VSM® vacuum system that all of our vacuum packaging machines are fitted with today.

This vacuum system effectively combines product-specific benefits with energy-efficiency, material use and user-friendliness.

But what makes it so special?

The VSM® system uses special suction nozzles to evacuate the product directly within the bag. The entire evacuation procedure is carried out under normal, atmospheric pressure, without the need for a vacuum chamber. This guarantees a gentle, but at the same time, high-quality vacuum.

The evacuation process is implemented under atmospheric pressure directly inside the bag and results in a number of benefits with regard to product quality, product shape, vacuum safety, handling and resource efficiency.

Product Quality
  • Optimum maintenance of shape & stability
  • Reliable vacuum for long-life
  • Gentle on sensitive product structure
Packaging quality
  • Wrinkle-free welding seam
  • No shrinking required
  • Reliable and bi-active impulse welding
  • High energy efficiency
  • Small vacuum pumps (no vacuum chambers)
  • Compact packaging material

One System, Many Options

There is a wide range of uses for packaging with the VSM® system. In doing so, the range extends from the vacuum packaging of individual products through to the vacuum sealing of large units.

In our core market, the vacuum packaging of blocks of cheese for maturing the benefits of our system are particularly advantageous. But other products within the food industry as well as industrial products also profit from the unique benefits the VSM® system has to offer.

The VSM® vacuum system is perfectly suited to products that, due to their properties or structure, would not withstand the high pressures of a vacuum chamber or the heat generated in a shrink tunnel or would suffer quality losses as a result of these systems.

With our comprehensive standard range of VSM® vacuum packaging machines as well as the option for individual adaptation and the development of special versions, we are able to find the perfect solution for every customer requirement!

In the Products & Solutions section, you will find an overview of our product range and packaging solutions.

In order to find out how your product can best be vacuum packed, please contact us directly. Together we will find the optimum packaging solution for your needs.