Special products. Special packaging tasks. Special solutions. MBM innovations.

From cleaning cloths to electrical components to textiles:
MBM innovations’ powerful solutions can pack just about anything. Our target group? Any and every sector. Our core market? B2B, wholesale, bulk consumers. VSM® packaging machines are the ideal choice for products that require tamper-proof and extra secure packaging that doesn’t affect their shape. Or for vacuum packing products like textiles in order to save space – and help protect the environment – during transport.

Potential applications for our packaging solutions

  • Vacuum packaging for saving space when transporting larger batches, e.g. textiles
  • Packaging for securely transporting or storing high-value products, e.g. electrical components or batteries
  • Tamper-proof packaging for luxury goods
  • Packaging large batches for transport, including in bags while still in boxes or on pallets
  • Maturing and transport packaging for tobacco

We have clients in nearly every sector who benefit from our excellent flexibility and expertise. Not to mention the countless advantages offered by our tried-and-tested VSM® technology which makes energy-intensive vacuum chambers, of the kind used on deep-drawing packing or vacuum chamber machines, obsolete by creating the vacuum in the bag itself. This method of evacuation and atmospheric pressure helps to maintain the quality, structure and dimensional stability of delicate packed goods. It doesn’t get better than this. While you can still simply seal your products in an ordinary bag with no vacuuming and no gas – and with a wrinkle-free welding seam guaranteed, this is a reliable solution for your product.

As a manufacturer of packaging machines and a specialist in custom machine building and conveyor technology, we are also the No. 1 go-to for tailor-made packaging systems in our market segment. That’s because for many products, there isn’t an ideal off-the-shelf solution.

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