VSM® 5005-R

VSM® 3005-R

VSM® 5005-R

The fully automatic vacuum packaging machine is characterised by an automatic bagging station with taped bags on roll, as well as the subsequent fully automatic vacuum sealing and welding with the VSM® system.

Since the machine simultaneously vacuums at two vacuum stations, the VSM®5005/4005-R is characterised by its optimum performance capabilities and will thus become the indispensable centrepiece of your product vacuum packing system.


Perfection in service and performance

The VSM®5005/4005-R is the high-performing professional machine for fully automatic packaging of large capacities.



  • Efficient and fully automatic packaging with two vacuum stations in a space-saving design
  • Automatic and efficient bagging of the product
  • Bi-active impulse welding for optimum welding, even with damp bags, and a wrinkle-free welding seam
  • Hygiene-oriented design & optimisation for optimal hygiene standards
  • Easy handling thanks to user-friendly, ergonomic and intuitive operation
  • High performance capabilities and long-life thanks to high quality in process and spare part guarantee
  • Simple integration in existing systems thanks to potential-free contacts

Quality and service: Leveraging our talents to your advantage

Demand for highest quality and precision with our in-house production and purchased parts means that all machines of MBM innovations GmbH are characterised by their long lives and reliability. In addition, long-term and rapid availability of spare parts is guaranteed. In the event of emergency, our internal Service department is on hand to provide competent and solution-oriented assistance. Comprehensive training of staff on site when setting up the machine contributes towards ensuring smooth operations and quick responses to minor faults.

MBM innovations GmbH is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. With this certification, we turn our quality promise into something quantifiable.